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About My Town Plaza




My Town Plaza is the brainchild of two entrepreneurs from the creative coastline of the Jersey Shore.  The idea was conjured in 2006 with the hopes of becoming a popular hit.  After a simple look at the small business structures of modern suburbia and the ability to locate and learn about the businesses within this suburbia, an answer became clear! 


There is an easier way for a consumer to find a local business and for a business to find its local consumer. 




Bringing Business Back to the Neighborhood!


The purpose behind this site is to provide a platform for local businesses to communicate to their local target consumers.  My Town Plaza gives consumers who use the internet to find local businesses and restaurants a quick and efficient search engine that’s easier and faster to use then the yellow pages and traditional online search websites.



2 Objectives


The Suburban Consumer

The goal of this site for the consumer is to provide the information that they seek right at their fingertips in an easy to use format.


The Local Business

The goal of this site for the local business is to aid the communication of advertising messages and information to the local consumer, in an attempt to generate more store traffic and in turn increase revenues.






If you reside in Suburbia and you can’t drive through your town without passing at least 3 or more shopping plaza’s then you can benefit from My Town Plaza.


Looking for a particular store in your area? 

Do you know where the store is or which plaza you can find it in?

Check out:


Dropping off dry cleaning?

Curious what there is to eat in the same shopping plaza?

Check out:


Dining out?

Curious what the specials are tonight?

Check out:


Recommending a retailer to a friend?

Can’t remember the name of the store but you know where it is?

Check out:


Heading out for a last minute item?

Not sure what time the grocery store closes?

Check out:



These are just a few questions that seem to plague the average suburban consumer on a daily basis.  Now there is an easier way to find the information about the stores and restaurants you are looking for.   



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